Warrior - Tamburlaine the Great

Warrior is project created for London based theatrical production company Fourth Monkey Productions.

Following the success of our Marlowe450 Two-Year rep graduate season last year in association with the Marlowe Theatre and Marlowe Society, the training company again return to the work of Shakespeare’s most notable contemporary, Christopher Marlowe by tackling his most epic and savage work, Tamburlaine the Great Part I & II. Set in the Mongolian Steppes, at the rise of the Mongol empire Tamburlaine is co-directed by the company’s artistic director Steve Green and head of voice Sarah Case.

Requested to create two conceptual characters, inspired by Genghis Khan and Boudicca, with a slightly modern  aesthetic, the characters one female and one male should be european but encompas Mongolian influences.

All of the armour and backplate imagery was added digitally in post production, using Adobe Photoshop CC.

Client: Fourth Monkey Theatre Production

Photographer: Lee howell
Post Production: Lee Howell
Creative Direction: LA.H1
Photography Assistant #1: Susan Torkington
Photography Assistant #2: Natalie Baxter
MUA & Hair: Caroline Stewart
Model #1: David Salvador
Model #2: Monika Wiktorowicz

Character Option B
Warrior: Eagle Hunter - Character Option A.
Warrior: Eagle Hunter - Character Option B.
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