Walk on the Wildside Vol.2

A fictional story, remembering back to that memorable day, when all the animals escaped from Edinburgh Zoo and for just one day, they were free to explore the beautiful capital of city Scotland.

Back in 2016 I had the in pleasure producing the first collection in the 'Walk on the Wildside' series. Prints were sold and we exhibited the collection in a number of galleries, so it is my great please, to bring to life the second collection in this series, some seven years later.

This time round, rather than using composited digitally captured imagery to produce the final artwork, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the new emerging medium of Ai.

This amazing piece of creative technology, in combination with regular photographic postproduction technique, has helped to produce a series, not only deserving of any sequel but which has allowed for a far greater variety and size of the original series.

I hope you enjoy this fun, fictional tale of wildlife, free to explore this classically timeless urban environment, that we call home.
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