London's Pride #1
A pride of lions, wander over a deserted Westminster Bridge at sundown

A continuation of the Walk on the Wildside series, where the imagery features wild animals in classic urban city settings. As I shall be exhibiting in London in October, I thought I'd extend this section of the series, prior to to the exhibition launch.
London's Pride #2
Early morning at Trafalgar Square, a lioness stretches, as her male companion takes pride of place atop one of the iconic granite plinths, usually adorned by one of Sir Edwin Landseer’s iconic bronze statues.
London's Pride #3
Six lion cubs play on contently on one of the four monumental bronze lions sculpted by Sir Edwin Landseer in Trafalgar square.
Please don't feed the pigeons
The Trafalgar Square Harris Hawk, chasing pigeons off the iconic statue of Lord Nelson.

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