All the assets within the image are recognisable parts of Glasgow City, the Arena, Toweblock lights and Arc bridge.
The Dark Side
This is first image in a series of character driven fashion portraits, showcasing the creative work of Jason Hall, one of the UK's leading hair stylists.

This conceptual project, where each of our models takes on the persona of a different character, painted in latex body paint, and are photographed in the studio, where we then composited each into various backdrops taken from one each of the four cities Jason shall be working at on the 2015 Fashion Week circuite, New York, London, Paris and Milan, along with some locations here in Scotland.
The final two sets of images are a play on the eternal struggle between dark vs light, super herion meets avant-garde fashion hair couture.
I would like to thank Jason for his infectious enthusiasm during the production of this project, his team for their sterling work behind the scenes and to our models who had to endure the process of working in and the removal of the latex quite painful body paint.
More images to follow...
Photography & Post Production: Lee Howell
Client and Hair: Jason Hall
Makeup: Molly Sheridan & Rachel Gallagher
Videographer: Tony Downs
Meg Johannessen - Colours Agency & Model Management,
Taylor Sommerville - Colours Agency & Model Management,
Kirstin Gribben - Superior Model Management,
Christine Stephanie Dunnet - Model Team
Most of the time the bulk of my retouching and post production work is done on a 27ins desktop in the studio, using a Wacom Intuos Pro, however I have been using the new Intuos Art for some retouching on the go inbetween jobs, as it's really handy to carry around with my Macbook.
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