Portrait session with SCOT STREET STYLE 

As Brand Ambassadors, focusing primarily on Marketing, Events and Production, we work with a host of PR Companies, Start-ups and Global Brands.  

In 2015 Scot Street Style built up an organic community of more than 20 thousand individuals on our social media channels. We held events in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and New York; bringing grassroots and corporate together on to a level playing field. We worked with global brands like Here, Heineken and Harris Tweed. And we published a book after smashing our target within 14 days on Kickstarter. 

Our aim is to go global. We want to raise aspirations, smash negative stereotypes, and strive unremittingly to achieve our potential as human beings. We’re working with the next generation of leaders to continue our quest to reinvigorate the perception of Scotland - and we want you to join us.

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