A short post production video, showing the image construction for the Freefall series.

The Freefall series of prints are still being exhibited at WhyNot? North Berwick, Scotland, UK throughout the rest of the summer 2014

Photographer/Retoucher - Lee Howell

Photographers Assistant #1 - Annaleen Lyndsay
Photographers Assistant #2 - David Hatton
Photographers Assistant #3 - John Gouglas
Photographers Assistant #4 - Jamie Mellor
Photographers Assistant #5 - Lauren Stirling
Photographers Assistant #6 - Paul Devlin
Photographers Assistant #7 - Simon Moorhouse

Makeup & Hair Artist - Caroline Stewart

Model #1 - Ashley Greenwood
Model #2 - David Hatton
Model #3 - Jo Richards
Model #4 - Annabel Holland
Model #5 - Kendra Lee
Model #6 - Simon Moorhouse
Model #7 – Paul Vayssiere

Dog Handler - David Robertson
Canine Model - Murphy

Bowens Lighting
Adobe Creative Cloud

Bankers Fall From Grace
Freefall - The inevitable force of gravity
Being a big fan of fellow conceptual photographer Romain Laurent, I thought I'd put together a smalll project centred around the grace of... how does Buzz Lightyear put it...'Falling with style'.
Much fun to shoot, with many of us having aching jaws from laughing so much throughout production...
There are more images to come in this set but here are the initial few... hope you like.
The Team:
Photographer: Lee Howell
Post Production: Lee Howell
Makeup & Hair: Caroline Stewart
Photography Assistants: Simon Moorhouse, David Hatton, Lauren Stirling, Jamie Mellor, John Douglas, Dave Robertson, Anneleen Lindsey.
Dog Handler: David Robertson.
Models: Jo Richards, Annabel Holland, Ashleigh Greenwood, Kendra Lee & Murphy
Mans Best Friend
Falling Foul of the Law
Royalty Overboard
Don't Jump the Gun Son....
Sibling Rivalry...
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