Flaming June 🔥

For this series I took inspiration from one of my favourite artwork pieces by Frederic Leighton. I first came across this beautiful portrait as a teenager, on the cover on Malcom McLaren’s Waltz Darling album and have been captivated ever since..

Additionally Flaming June by BT was also one of my much loved favourite big trance tunes from my raving days in the nineties and was the soundtrack to many a post club night chill in.

Neither artists artwork or music were not mentioned or used in any way to produce the Ai generative imagery, they were simply used as a basis from my own feelings about these two very distinct and much loved pieces of visual and audio art.

My final inspiration for this series is also the recent work produced by the lovely @patrizia_burra_photography, you can check out her beautiful photography, 3D and Ai work over on Insta.
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